Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Ebb & Flow Journal is coming!!!

Ebb & Flow Journal is coming!

This yearlong immersive installation art display by Jennifer Weigel can only be found at Miami Art Works in Miami AZ for a limited time.  Individual artworks are offered by exchange for new unopened feminine care products and will leave as they are claimed, so be sure to catch a glimpse of this unique experience while it lasts.

Opens during the Miami Loco Arts Festival, April 21 - 23, 2023.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

On Display at InterUrban ArtHouse

I was able to include a display of these works in Her Art / Their Art: InterseXions and Identity at InterUrban ArtHouse in Overland Park, KS for March - April 2021.  84 pieces were included in a tight wall installation, pictured here.  Also included was a statement about these pieces and a link to this and my Life Blood Exhibit blogs.  lifebloodexhibit.blogspot.com/